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Protect your commercial property with trusted pest, termite and moisture control services from Eastline Pest Management

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Corporate Office Buildings
Food Processing
Hospitals and medical & dental practices
Hospitality, Hotels, and Motels
Manufacturing and Warehouses
Recreation Spaces
Retail Spaces
Schools and Universities
Government Buildings & Municipalities

Areas We Serve

  • Pitt County
  • Pamlico County
  • Onslow County
  • Carteret County

Why Should You Choose Eastline Pest Management?

Our team has serviced Greenville businesses for more than two decades, providing safe and reliable pest, termite and moisture control treatments. Whatever the issue - from rodents and termites to cockroaches and fire ants and everything in between - we can handle exterminations and preventative services with effective, environmentally friendly products that you can trust.

Where We Serve

We offer complete control services for a full-range of commercial properties across Greenville, North Carolina...from small businesses to large enterprises.
  • Retail: Grocers, department stores, warehouses
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, medical offices
  • Hospitality: Hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts
  • Multi-Family Units: Apartment buildings, condominiums, mixed use buildings.
  • Office Spaces

Going Beyond the Surface

Our approach goes far beyond the surface to find issues – or potential issues – impacting your employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Our trained technicians properly identify pests and places in your business that could attract them to create a safe, customized treatment or prevention plan. Whatever the issue, our team will work with you to treat the problem at its source and within your budget.


Termites are nearly impossible to exterminate without professional services, and they can cause severe damage to structures if left untreated. Don’t waste your time and money on do-it-yourself termite solutions – let us handle it!


Ant infestations are particularly difficult to handle on your own, as killing a handful of ants could trigger a response from its colony to send more and in force. Our experienced team can rid your business from ant infestations, from standard ants to fire ants.


Our technicians can safely and efficiently rid your business of rodents like rats and mice by setting up traps and bait in hard-to-reach areas, identifying and closing points of entry and removing any rodents found. If you notice droppings, chewed wires or scratching noises in your walls or ceiling.


Few things cause more of a headache for hospitality operations than bed bugs. They are virtually impossible to completely eradicate without professional treatment, as they can easily hide in tiny bedding crevices and can multiply fairly quickly. Be sure to reach out to EastLine if you find these pests.

Other Pests

Protect your property from invasive pests that can cause significant damage and health concerns, such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos, wasps, ticks and more. Let our professional team take care of all your pest control needs.

Moisture Control

Moisture problems, often indicated by a wet basement or crawl space, can lead to water damage, mold build up and sometimes severe air quality issues. Our team goes far beneath the surface issues to stop the problem at its source so your employees and customers can breathe easy.

Take care of your pest issues for good!    

Facing pest, termite or moisture control on your own is overwhelming, costly and usually ineffective. At Eastline Pest Management, we design solutions for your businesses to target specific control needs and health concerns.

No hidden fees. Zero-obligation consultations. Honest technicians. Quality you can count on. Contact us today to get started.

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Improving the quality and health of your home by evaluating your specific needs and providing tailored solutions that rid your home of its pests is our mission.

“ Excellent service and very professional technicians. I have used them for several years, would not use anyone else. The chemicals they use are safe and very effective.”

Ken Turcotte

“The technicians were right on time, conducted a thorough inspection & were very knowledgeable, courteous & friendly. I would definitely recommend Eastline for any of your pest issues.”

Laura Rooney

“They have great honest men working for their company very reasonably priced and very dependable.”

Brian Alphin

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