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Our pest control professionals are North Carolina natives with specialized knowledge and training in solving our state’s pest problems. We use the most effective pest control methods that are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

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Comprehensive, Family-Friendly Pest Control

Are you looking for a safe way to eliminate insect issues or get rid of rodents in your home? Then, give us a call! Our pest control services are specifically designed to treat and prevent pest problems common in North Carolina.

We use a highly effective, family-friendly pest management approach that brings you the instant relief you expect and thelong-term protection you deserve.


Quarterly Pest Control
25+ Pests Included
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  • Quarterly Treatment
  • Interior & Exterior Service
  • Family & Pet Friendly Treatment
  • Includes Over 25 Common North Carolina Pests


Targeted Pest Control
14 Specialized Services
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  • Comprehensive, Specialized Treatment
  • Interior & Exterior Service (as needed)
    Family & Pet Friendly Treatment
  • Over 14 Specialized Pest Services Available

Standard Pest Control Service for North Carolina's Most Common Insects

When you sign up for Standard Pest Control Service, it includes treatment for North Carolina's most common pests:

American Roaches*

House Ants*


Argentine Ants


Slugs & Snails


Odorous House Ants

Smokey Brown Roaches*


Oriental Roaches

Stink Bugs


Pharaoh Ants


Ground Beetles

Pillbugs / Sowbugs


*Excludes German cockroaches, fire ants, carpenter ants, brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders.

Specialized Pest Control Services

Some pest control problems require specialized solutions. We offer Specialty Pest Control Services to give you peace of mind and tackle the toughest pest problems:

bed bugs

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cicada killers

Learn more

fleas & ticks

Learn more

mole crickets

Learn more

fabric pests

Learn more

carpenter ants

Learn more

clover mites

Learn more

flies & gnats

Learn more


Learn more

wasps & hornets

Learn more

carpenter bees

Learn more

Fire ants

Learn more

german cockroaches

Learn more

rodent control**

Learn more

Stored product pests

Learn more

**Rodent control services includes rats and mice only.

Our Pest Control Process

Our initial visit is a comprehensive indoor/outdoor service designed to remove adult pests from your home and begin to create a barrier that protects your home.

Why is the initial treatment important?

Pests cause physical harm to your structure and property, spread germs, and make your living environment uncomfortable. Growing pests can pass through several access points including pipes and wires that penetrate the frame, expansion joints, base cracks, and doors and window sills. Once around your home, pests reproduce at higher rates not only because they have plenty of food and shelter, but also because they are protected against natural predators.
We will use a variety of treatment methods customized to the time of year, the form of construction, and scale of the problem or mitigation required during the flush out process. Your technician must perform an examination and inspection to determine your individual needs.

There can be up to 99 eggs waiting to hatch and reinfest your home for every adult flea in your home. One German female roach carrying an egg sac can, under ideal conditions, multiply over 400,000 roaches in just one year.

Why is the egg cycle treatment important?

The initial treatment will remove adult pests from your home. The egg cycle treatment will ensure that newly hatched pests do not infest your home again. Most insects are produced from eggs. Insect eggs have an outer wet-shell protection that makes treatment ineffective until insect hatches. From egg-laying to hatching can take about 10 days to several months.
Once insects hatch, they grow rapidly to adulthood through a series of stages and, if left untreated, start laying eggs themselves.

Most pests continue to grow and remain active throughout the year. In fact, when it cools down, a home typically becomes more vulnerable to inside pest attacks.

Combine that vulnerability with a wave of new seasonal pest problems and the need for year-round pest problems in this area of the country becomes critical.

Year-Round Pest Management Services

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Spring is a time that brings life and new growth for plants as well as insects and rodents. Due to the melting snow and warmer conditions, pests are very active. Spring is an essential time to create barriers around and in your home so when summer comes, your home is pest-free.

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Summertime is not only a time for vacation, but also for an increase in activity from earwigs, wasps, bees, and spiders. We focus on removing these pests and building robust barriers so you can have peace of mind your home is pest-free while you’re on vacation.

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Many pests head indoors in autumn to escape from the dropping temperatures into a warm, safe environment. Our focus during this season is strengthening the barrier around your home and handling spiders, earwigs, and other pests that migrate indoors.

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During winter, most pests that survive the cold temperatures take residence in your home. We use a patented power duster to reach further into cracks and crevices to attack these pests and ensure they don't disturb your peace of mind during the holidays.

Eliminating Pests for Your Peace of Mind

We provide pest management services to safe guard homes and businesses in North Carolina.

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