December 6, 2022

Do you need Commercial Pest & Rodent Control in Greenville, NC?

Pest and rodent issues are common problems for even the most well-kept commercial property. Do-it-yourself methods to handle these issues are often ineffective and could cause further damage. It’s important that you work with experienced professionals that go beneath the surface to identify all pest and rodent issues – or potential issues – impacting your employees’ and customers’ health and safety.

Sanitation & Pest Control Go Hand-in-Hand

Sanitation and pest control go hand-in-hand. Sanitation problems—like piles of trash and food waste that aren’t disposed of properly—can attract bugs and rodents. Infestations can also contribute to a building’s poor sanitation and have a negative impact on your employees’ and customers’ health. A professional pest control service will not only spray insecticides and set up traps or rodenticides for rodents. We also inspect your facility for gaps, cracks, or crevices where pests may be entering and offer sanitation advice.

Protect Your Building from Costly Damage

Termites, rodents, cockroaches and other pests can cause significant damage in a relatively short time once they establish themselves in your building. But you can prevent this by having experienced technicians inspect your property for the presence of pests and for areas that could attract them.

Create a Healthier Environment for Your Employees and Customers

As a business owner or manager, a key responsibility for you is maintaining a safe and sanitary workplace. Pest infestations and rodent problems can quickly turn your workplace into an unsafe environment, which could result in you losing good employees and of course losing precious revenue. This can all be avoided if you hire professionals you can trust to keep your building free of pests.

Identify Other Pest Issues That Can Affect Businesses

A significant problem with attempting do-it-yourself methods of dealing with pest infestations and rodents is that you may miss the underlying issues leading to these problems and potential property damage. Experienced pest control technicians know what else to look for when inspecting your space: signs of termites, structural damage, strange odors, bed bugs and areas in your workplace that seem susceptible to infestations, just to name a few.

Start Protecting Your Business From Common Pests

At EastLine Pest Management, our customers’ health and safety is our priority. For two decades now, we have provided pest, termite and rodent control services to residential and commercial customers in North Carolina. Whatever the issue, our team will develop a plan specifically designed to treat the problem at its source and keep your commercial property safe and clean. Contact us today to get started!