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If you need termite treatment or control in the New Bern, NC or the surrounding area, call on EastLine Pest Management!

Termite Protection for Your Home

Termite damage costs homeowners and property managers more than $5 billion annuallythat's more than fires and storms combined!

Unfortunately, many home insurance plans don't cover termite damage. Damage
caused by subterranean termites can be financially disastrous if you don't have a plan for termite inspection and control.

Often, termite activity goes undetected until it results in severe damage.

EastLine Pest Management is here to protect your home and business from termites!

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Top-Rated Termite Control in
New Bern, NC & the Surrounding Area

EastLine's team is professionally trained and certified to treat termites. We are a locally owned and family-operated business based in New Bern, NC. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best termite control to protect your home or business from damage.

Call us at 252-633-1719 to speak with a professional!

Protecting Your Home & Business from Termites

A termite infestation can quickly turn into a major problem because they feed 24 hours a day. Termites are survivors and extremely difficult to exterminate without professional expertise. We provide comprehensive termite control and treatment to protect your home or business.

Trouble areas for termite infestion:

 Trees / Bushes
Mulch / Dead Wood
Cracks in the Home
Raised Garden Beds
 Leaky Pipes & Fixtures
Wooden or Dirt-Filled Porch

Comprehensive Termite Treatment & Protection

We start with an inspection and then develop a termite treatment or protection based on your needs. We use the most effective methods to treat termites in North Carolina. Our licensed pest control professionals are trained and certified to provide you with comprehensive termite control services.

Ask us about our 10 year termite protection guarantee!

Benefits of Eastline's Termite Control

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Kills termites by ingestion, contact and “Transfer Effect.”

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Affected insects spread the termiticide throughout the colony before dying.

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Manage colonies up to 6 times faster than stand-alone bait systems.

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We use effective termiticides–proven by over 10 years of test data.

Need Termite Treatment or Protection? Call EastLine!

We're here to help! With Eastlne Pest Management, there are never any hidden fees and contract obligations.

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Why Choose EastLine Pest Management?

We are a locally-owned, family-run business with our homebase in New Bern, NC. We know our state's pest problems in and out. Customers choose EastLine because of our:

More Pests Covered
Eastline's protection plan keeps more than just easy pests away. Our general services include 25 common insects in NC.
Safe & Effective
We invest in kid, pet and eco-friendly pest control methods. You deserve safe pest control solutions for your home and business.
Superior Service
Everyone on our team is committed to providing you with the best service from your first call to your first treatment.
Knowledge & Training
Our highly trained pest control specialists are licensed by NC. We invest in continued training to bring you exceptional pest services.

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