June 20, 2022

Summer Bug Spraying For Backyard Pest Control

Summer Bug Spray

It’s finally summertime, you know what that means. Pool parties, barbecues, and plenty of bugs! 

While mosquito nets around your outdoor patio space do an adequate job keeping the pests out, you need a good, strong bug spray to ensure your house and party guests remain bug bite-free. 

Mosquitos aren’t the only critters that you need to keep out this summer. Ants, wasps, ticks, and even bed bugs all thrive in hot environments.

If you start using bug spray around your home early enough in the summer, you will be able to successfully limit the number of summer bugs infesting your home. 

Pest control methods are designed specifically to help protect you and your family from pests that are common in North Carolina. Read here to discover the best ways to manage North Carolina house bugs and other ways to enforce pest control around your home.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes 

There are several ways to prevent mosquitoes from becoming nuances in your home this summer. Nobody wants an itchy mosquito bite, so taking the necessary precautions to keep your house mosquito-free is a must.

Limiting the amount of water in your backyard is an efficient way to eliminate these flying biters because they are typically drawn to water.

You must also either wear copious amounts of mosquito repellent spray or hang repellent patches around your patio area. The citronella plant is also a natural way to eliminate mosquitos, so you may want to plant citronella in areas you don’t want mosquitos to linger.

How to Get Rid of Ticks 

Ticks can latch on to both you and your pet this summer. Like mosquitos, they survive off of your blood and leave red bumps on your body.

These insects can infect you with Lyme disease, so ensuring your home is free of ticks is an absolute must. 

Good measures to get rid of ticks include wearing insect repellent and covering up when outside. Ticks may latch onto your body without you even knowing. Because they are typically in areas of tall vegetation, you will want to wear long pants and long sleeves when walking through this type of environment.

You should also routinely check your pet for ticks this summer and use tweezers to safely remove the insects, as squishing them may result in more damage done.

How to Get Rid of Ants 

At some point, every homeowner experiences a pesky ant problem either inside of their home or out. Because ants live in colonies, the indication of one ant means there are many more nearby.

Some ways to get rid of these North Carolina house bugs are sealing any cracks and closing all open windows so they can’t crawl in. You should also ensure that all food is stored in the refrigerator or sealed in air-tight containers in your pantry. 

Use ant baits around the outside of your home to control the whole colony of ants. If you are having an outside party, picnic, barbeque, or other events where food is involved, always place unattended food under an insect net to keep the ants out as well.

How to Get Rid of Wasps 

Similar to bees, wasps are drawn to sweet foods. Wasp stings tend to hurt more than bee stings, so keeping your outside lounge area free of wasps is essential.

If you have a serious wasp, yellow jacket, or other NC stinging insect problem, you may want to call a pest management professional to take care of the issue with treatment solutions.

You can take preventative action yourself by never leaving sweet foods, such as fruit, unattended outside. This is sure to attract wasps and other stinging insects. 

Citronella may also help prevent an invasion of these insects naturally.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are most often found in mattresses and furniture but they can also inhabit baseboards and wallpaper. If the problem is serious, you may even need to throw away and replace the infested furniture.

Bed bug cases are most common when traveling to and from hot and humid locations. Because some hotels may have poor sanitation measures, you may be sleeping in a bed bug haven and bring them back from vacation with you.

A proper step to get rid of these bugs is washing all of your clothes and even your suitcase outside with hot water and soap when returning from a vacation. You may need to wash a few times outside to get rid of the bugs.

You can also purchase a bed bug sheet-topper in a home goods store to further protect you from these bugs. 

Closely inspect all purchased used furniture for bed bug signs including the small bugs themselves and their eggs. Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to look for bed bugs.

North Carolina Summer Pest Control

Make sure your home is pest-free this summer to successfully enjoy the calm of outdoor summer nights. Don’t let your night be ruined by stinging insects in NC or an invasion of ants.

Plant citronella, use bug spray or hang mosquito repellent patches around your outdoor lounge space to help protect your area from critters.

If your problem is serious, you may want to call East Line Pest Management to control your problem. Let professionals handle pressing pest problems safely and efficiently.

Please read our other pest control blog posts and contact us with more questions about scary bugs in North Carolina.