February 21, 2023

8 Ways To Prevent German Cockroaches

There has been much written about how to kill German roaches, even more still on how to absolutely destroy these annoying, gross, resilient, and fertile little pests. Here is a checklist of ways to prevent them from infesting your home. 

“German Roach” Courtesy of the National Pest Management Association. 

If you live in an apartment, townhouse, or duplex of some sort, then you know how these sneaky guys can move from a neighbor right into your kitchen. If you have ever tried to eliminate them on your own, you know how seemingly impossible it can be sometimes and if you have a hard time getting them under control contact Eastline Pest Management and let us come in and give you some help.  

German Cockroaches 

The German cockroach has six legs, its antennas are as long as its body, and they have a flat, oval-shaped body. They are the most common roaches in the United States and account for several thousand infestations every year. German cockroaches grow to only around ½ of an inch and are tan-brown in coloration.

The best way to identify whether your roach is a German roach is by the two black stripes on their heads. The females lay a light brown egg capsule every 16-24 days – up to 8 egg capsules in her lifetime. Those capsules can come with up to 36-48 eggs. Yes, that means just one roach can spawn 384 more roaches! You can have quite a serious pest problem in a very short time period with German roaches.

That’s why it is so important to eliminate as many roach eggs as possible when treating German cockroaches. Simply eliminating the live roaches won’t fix the problem. Professional Pest Control companies usually have to make several trips to eventually eliminate all the generations of roaches.  

Although German cockroaches have wings, they rarely ever fly. And when they do, they do not stay airborne for very long. Rather than flying, they prefer to run, and they run quickly and only come out when it’s dark, so you are most likely to see them in your home during dusk or dawn, or during that midnight snack when you flip the light switch and see that disturbing movement on your countertop. 

German cockroaches prefer to live in warm, humid places close to food and moisture.  They are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. These are the two most likely places for an infestation to occur. We also find German roach droppings in areas they hang out. Droppings are sometimes small, dark, “pepper-like” material left on countertops or in drawers.  

While other pests will infest here in Eastern NC, German cockroaches are the pests to worry about the most. German cockroaches can be terrible for your health and psychological well-being. Common roach-borne diseases include salmonella, cholera, giardia, dysentery, listeria, and typhoid. Also, German cockroaches can worsen your allergies and asthma.

Roaches release airborne proteins that some people are sensitive to, especially people with pre-existing breathing problems. Long-term exposure to these proteins can result in respiratory illness, and these problems can persist after the infestation is removed. These health problems can pop up with limited exposure in a short amount of time. Prevention is critical

German Roach Prevention Check List 

1. Remove all trash and clutter, and empty all trash cans.  

The best way to prevent German roaches is to reduce indoor clutter. These guys can survive off of anything, rely on very little, and enjoy hiding in cluttered, dark spaces. Homes that do not get regular cleanings often get infested with German roaches in Eastern North Carolina. Reduce outdoor clutter as well. Regularly remove the trash, and clean up after pets. No one said that this would be easy!  

2. Be diligent about keeping sinks, stove tops, strainers, disposals, and countertops clear of any and all food, and crumbs.

3. Seal all food containers and place pet food in sealed plastic, or glass containers. Do not leave pet food to sit out overnight. 

4. Make sure there is no food left on dishes, and do not let soiled dishes sit out overnight. Even slight residues can feed roaches and keep them alive long enough to reproduce.  

5. Sweep/vacuum all food crumbs and particles from the floor and furniture. 

6. Remove all CARDBOARD, paper bags, and empty cans and bottles.  

7. Keep kitchen appliances wiped down from all grease and sweep behind appliances often.

Remember, the sides of your oven can have grease on them. Use cleaning products that cut through grease like Dawn dish liquid. You can use your kitchen washcloth with some dish soap on it to wipe down the sides of your oven, refrigerator, cabinet fronts, and sides to cut down on grease build-up.  

8. Inspect your packages, deliveries, and groceries.

Cockroaches love to hitchhike, meaning you can pick one up in your bag of potatoes, or onions. Some stray roaches also hide in packages and grooves in corrugated cardboard to sneak into your house!  

Maintain a pest control contract with Eastline Pest Management  

People who maintain a regular pest control service have far fewer pest problems, and the residual left by the company helps to prevent infestations from ever occurring in the first place.  

Did cockroaches of any type get in your New Bern, Greenville, Havelock,  Morehead, Pamlico, or Eastern NC household? 

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