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Pest Control Services in Jacksonville, NC

Pests got you down? When you’re a home and building owner in Jacksonville, NC, you need pest control that you can count on. Whether it be expert roach removal or mosquito services and prevention, Eastline Pest Management is here for you. We happily deliver pest control services to residential, single-family homes, commercial buildings and real estate properties.

Custom Pest Control Services in Jacksonville, NC

In Jacksonville, NC, we know pest control problems aren’t one size fits all. That’s why we craft targeted, specific solutions for your unique home and pest problem. 

We also know that some pests are specific to North Carolina and Jacksonville. We consider that before drafting our plan of action so that you always receive the best results. 

At Eastline Pest Management, we fortify your home and building against a slew of pests and critters, including: 

  • Wasps
  • Rodents
  • Roaches
  • Bed bugs
  • Fleas
  • Ants

Termite Control 

When you have termites, you can’t let just any pest control company take the reins. Each year, termites wreak havoc on homes, costing homeowners hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in repairs. 

Don’t let your home get destroyed by these underground vermin. Instead, call Eastline Pest Management to control and prevent a termite invasion. We use sophisticated tools that offer home and building owners a 10-year protection guarantee against these pesky insects. 

And because our team is professionally certified to deal with termites, we know we’re the best choice in the Jacksonville, NC, area to tackle your termite infestation. 

Why Choose Eastline Pest Management for Pest Control?

While an ant here or there may not seem like a big deal, typically, when you see insects in your home, it’s due to a population overflow, meaning there’s likely a whole colony of pests hiding just beneath your floors or inside your wall. 

When your house is home to too many unwanted bugs or rodents, they can easily cause structural damage to your home. Not only that, but the more you come in contact with insects, the more you increase your chances of contracting diseases and illnesses. 

As a result, it’s important to hire a pest control company when you survey properties that you’d like to buy. If you’re considering purchasing a home, commercial building, or real estate property, consider hiring Eastline Pest Management to walk through the potential property to ensure no pests are hiding in the walls, crawlspaces, attic, or basement. 

Areas We Serve

  • Swansboro
  • Hubert
  • Richlands
  • Maysville

We Eliminate Pests For Your Peace Of Mind

Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind by delivering a pest management experience that exceeds expectations and generates security through our consistent delivery of service.

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Eastline Pest Management Is Ready To Solve Any Pest Problem!

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Improving the quality and health of your home by evaluating your specific needs and providing tailored solutions that rid your home of its pests is our mission.

“ Excellent service and very professional technicians. I have used them for several years, would not use anyone else. The chemicals they use are safe and very effective.”

Ken Turcotte

“The technicians were right on time, conducted a thorough inspection & were very knowledgeable, courteous & friendly. I would definitely recommend Eastline for any of your pest issues.”

Laura Rooney

“They have great honest men working for their company very reasonably priced and very dependable.”

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